Nanna Kaiser’s works combine lived reality with comical elements that move between banality and absurdity.
Her pictorial worlds result from the combination of everyday experiences, pop-cultural influences, references to art history and thus make playful use of gestures and symbols.

Born in Carinthia in 1991, she grew up in a strict Catholic environment, which meant that she had to deal with value systems and an imposed world view. In her paintings, Kaiser depicts interpersonal relationships through which she thematises art tradition, social systems and attitudes.

Her work deals with the inner conflicts that arise from contact with the outside world and thus with the confrontation that results from realities and perspectives from elsewhere.

Her works are not about beauty per se, but about direct and unadorned expression.
This is underlined by the fact that she refrains from overpainting or reworking the images, so that all lines of thought remain visible.