Cassius Baron was born in 1999 in the UK, lives in Paris and is currently a student at the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-arts de Paris.

He has been working for several years in painting, music, performance and various other mediums, and now works almost exclusively in drawing and sculpture. He imposes technical and thematic limits on himself, defining a style. In this way, by playing with these constraints, a series is formed.

At the Beaux-Arts in Paris, Cassius Baron worked in the studio of James Rielly. Raised in a family of workers and craftsmen in the Gers, manual work occupies a central place. He is particularly interested in volume, that fundamentally physical act. It is the primary focus of his work – the origin of the development of his ideas. It constitutes the design phase of his work. The artist mainly develops figurative works that exploit the human form from casts of deformed faces.

Nominated for the Contemporary Drawing Prize 2021
Exhibition Contemporary Drawing Prize 2021 (23.09.2021 to 25.09.2022)
Participation in the Drawing Now exhibition with the Françoise gallery (19 to 22 May 2022)