Camille Mercandelli-Park was born in France in 1979. She lives and works in Ivry sur Seine in the suburbs of Paris.

At a very young age, Camille Mercandelli-Park practiced drawing and watercolour, encouraged by her father, an amateur watercolourist and industrial designer. She devoted herself to biology before turning again to painting and drawing for her studies, at the Beaux-Arts de Valence, then at the University of Paris 8.

With this interest in biology, Camille Mercandelli-Park uses her brushes to represent a world halfway between abstraction and figuration. She operates a metamorphosis of her subjects thanks to her very organic and lively painting, inspired by the vegetal and mineral world. As an artist, she is the vector of this transformation: “The gesture of painting is above all a way for me to breathe life, carnality, but also a temporality to the images through the reality of the hand that takes possession of it. »